V Compressport Trail Menorca Cami de Cavalls

The day finally arrived. After 2 years waiting, on May 20, 2016 I was already here! I needed to get my shank off in 2014, I had promised Dino that he would sing my finish.

We arrived in Menorca a week before to acclimatize ... this was the excuse and we made a lot of jokes, but I had to do it at the bottom of the letter !!!!!

A few days of frenetic activity around the island and then came the day of picking up race number 12 that would accompany me throughout the race and see many well-known faces, a way to finish putting my nerves in bloom. leather for departure on Friday the 20th at 14h.

I had a good meal of macaroni with olive oil at 2/4 of 12 noon and then it was time to dress up at Compressport and put on Haglöfs to head towards the starting line. .

When I arrived, I was asked 4 questions about Adventure Time on TV3 and 15 minutes before the start of the shooting, Marta gave me the "decals" of Calcasport to tattoo my 2 arms with what the race track would be, northern area on the left arm and southern area on the right arm, which incidentally generated a lot of excitement.

Finally the song I had been waiting for sounded, the sound of the horses moistening my eyes and giving us the start of what would be our adventure for the next 185 km.

First 20km to Cala Morell very fast and comfortable. The weather was forecasting hot and it seemed, the sun was beginning to itch but nothing that a good cap and my Eassun glasses could not fix. Immediately I saw Elisa, Maria and the girls smiling and cheering me with that energy that characterizes them. There was also Núria giving me little tips from a big runner.

Direction Cala Pilar, along with 3 runners, having a good pace. The heat was starting to tighten more, I had to keep hydrating constantly, I was afraid of dehydrating and having a bad time like in 2014. The heat is not my forte and I had to do things very well. We had been preparing very well for this race with the Barqué Astrid, which she says very well, the invisible training.

Lots of water, salts constantly and a date to prepare the area with more D + of the route. After the Cala Pilar refueling station, some demanding kms came to Binimel.là. It was at this point that I began to feel leg weakness and my head was spinning. I had run for 3-4 hours and I thought that the heat was beginning to work. I gave little importance to it. Lots of water and keep going.

Once in Binimel.là, I felt very weak. I told Elisa that she was waiting for me. But seeing Beth and Arlet encouraged me. A kiss to each and up with Picas with flip flops and GoPro recording and telling me: the suffering is momentary, the glory is forever. I had this phrase internalized the whole race. Then it turns out that Núria accompanied me on behalf of Adventure Time and I thought she made me a personal video.

Cala Mica, Cavalry, sand, road, asphalt, constantly changing terrain and enjoying the views of the North area to Fornells beaches. He was the first of 3 airmen to help you outside. Elisa was there again and, to my surprise, friends like Pau Capell, Marta Hidalgo, Marta Bacardit, Maria Fiol, Carme Farrés ... I had prepared a table full of all my healthy "little things" and ecological. I ate a lot, at ease and convinced that it would be the solution to my weakness. I threw ice water over it and when I left I took out absolutely everything! I couldn't believe it, I was vomiting. All of the refreshment workers turned away and left us in intimacy. Elisa calmed me down and told me that everything would be fine, it was a heat stroke, it refreshed me again and I continued to add miles and hoped that I would feel better.

The following kms were uncertain, in 2014 I was exactly the same, with the difference that night was approaching and the temperature was going to drop. I arrived at Arenal d'en Castell with the same conditions but with a few more kilometers and to continue to Favàritx, where it was already dark and the moonlight allowed me to enjoy a landscape and a spectacular night, that encouraged me and was the point where I ran faster and enjoyed the race. Until I vomited again, but this time it relieved me a bit to keep going. It was a beautiful night and the temperature was perfect for my body, but that didn't help me improve my condition. When I arrived at Es Grau, I asked the Red Cross to punch me in the first place to see if my vomiting stopped.

Elisa had left Beth and Arlet home with Angel and Xenia to spend the night. I was worried and was planning to spend the whole night following myself and supporting myself at the airline. He was at Es Grau and he reminded me of my words for a few days. It was clear that whatever happens if you arrive at Es Castell (km 100, midpoint and with a high psychological component), the race will end.

I passed the point where I had left 2 years ago, I had left so abandoned that abandonment that I had it in mind and it was deep inside. It helped me to think about it and immediately I already set foot in the Port of Mahon where Dino was waiting for me with his characteristic smile to follow me and support me for a few meters. I was still dizzy and with a bit of encouragement. His strength and again a great phrase accompanied me throughout the race: visualize the finish line, visualize me singing your arrival and saying ... Ruidooooooo !!!!!! I smiled and continued running to Es Castell where Elisa was waiting for me with boiled rice, apple, grilled chicken and tea, apart from all the clean clothes ready to go out as if you were starting a new race, the part. end of the 185km. What more could I ask for? When a person is amazing, he is and point! How lucky I am.

But when I sat down and “relaxed”, I came down. I was not feeling well, I was eating out of duty, I knew that if I didn't put anything in my stomach, my body would not be able to do the kms I was missing. I was chewing and the food was a ball in my mouth, but for 20 'I was eating. Elisa changed my clothes and I was ready to start my adventure again, the last 85km, as if I started a race again, but with 100 in my legs, very hard !! I was sad, I didn't see the strength to follow, I dreamed and just wanted to cry. I got up to go on and suddenly took it all out, my efforts to eat what Elisa had prepared myself conscientiously had been in vain, and I was empty again. Here she said to me, PROO, it's over, it's not worth it, here you have more important things to do to destroy your body !!!! These words touched me, Elisa NEVER told me to step down, it was always she who gave me the strength to follow. It was incredible how I felt, that was our race, our island and he was telling me to stop. It was a very intense moment, very emotional, many things were broken, many illusions. She didn't really want me to fold and my heart was broken because I knew she was right. But I looked at her, hugged her and said, No, I keep going, now I know for sure I will finish, that I will cross the finish line and I will embrace as never before. I got up, the words of Louis Samperini had done his affection, they always resonate inside me and this time more than ever: DON'T RENDER, NOT ABANDON, THIS IS THE SECRET OF LIFE.

I followed. I had done the North Coast much longer than I had planned and this already indicated that my goal of going down 24h would not be fulfilled, and less in the state where I was, but I was still the same. all I wanted was to cross the finish line.

I ran in order to get to each refreshment station as soon as possible. Each of them was my next goal, my small challenge. Until Benibèquer I had a really bad time, I would fall asleep running (I do not understand how it did not fall, because it was exaggerated). When I came to control I was exhausted and I couldn't finish it, but the vitality and the drive that the volunteer gave me there made me want to continue. There I realized that I really liked the watermelon and the yogurt. I was still without food and if I did not get it I would have to leave if or if due to lack of energy. So I asked Elisa to take the watermelon and yogurt to the next external food service in St Thomas and see if we were lucky.

Next point, Cala en Porter. It was already dawn and this allowed me to wake up. I was getting better and better.

The next section was interior, as all the racing dynamics, up and down, began to enjoy running. Since the 50's I had been vomiting and now I seemed to feel a little better. Yes, the watermelon dreamed ...

A few more kilometers and reached Sant Tomàs. There my princesses, Xenia and Marta Bacardit (great friend and race photographer) were waiting for me, ready to take a lot of photos. And I was also expecting a whole watermelon and a banana and strawberry yogurt to drink it all in one sip. Oddly enough, it got on well and allowed me to do the last 41 km more calmly.

Last quarter of the race, very important psychologically. Here I learned that if I kept doing my race I would finish 1st and win Camí de Cavalls 2016. I was overwhelmed by a feeling of happiness, not only finishing but repeating the victory of 2013. Just thinking about it sent me a feeling of happiness immense.

I kept moving forward with the sole aim of going miles away. Passing through one of the most beautiful points of the whole route, Cala Mitjana, I met Lili and Jordi, who beautiful to see the unconditional support that he gave him to help her fulfill her dream. A few meters ahead Picas was ahead of me to finish the 85km race.

In Cala Galdana I found many people. His strength helped me a lot. At that moment came Pau Capell, who was already the leader of his 55 race, he arrived with a lot of energy, we embraced and we followed. There was also her mother and Marta, I was so happy to see them.

The following kilometers were again very hard. It was very hot and I had been racing for more than 20 hours. His legs were still pulling, his head was very strong and his heart was very excited, but his body overall was starting to run out. I kept advancing, between sand, stones, paths ... The last part of the route, the last 20km, passed entirely along the coast. On the one hand there was no shade, everything was open and this caused the heat to be hellish, but at the same time the color of the sea seemed unreal, light blue, turquoise, even lighter blue, I had never seen a Menorca so and so beautiful Some pictures that Marta Bacardit was trying to capture with her camera trying to find a runner who stopped to make her a model, this was not my case ... when she had been running for 160km she goes and tells me: you can go back, go down here and can you run to take a picture? Logically I said no, hahaha you are only Marta (by the way, Picas if he paid attention).

Finally arrived at the 14th and last provisioning, Cap d'Artrutx. A heat that had beaten me again, but there were 12km left and this year I would win it. To say that I vomited again, but it did not prevent me from getting up and running to cross the last stretch of the island and ending my return to the island of Menorca with overwhelming joy.

I was about to fulfill my promise, the Dino would announce my arrival and I would be able to reap my great reward, crossing the finish line so desired for 2 years.

Last km's, Maria Fiol supported me and gave me the joy that characterizes her during the last stretch of asphalt before reaching the finish line.

Finally the voice of Dino, my name and the tape of 1st place waiting at the end of the straight. Glasses put on to hide my excitement and the great moment, why so much suffering. Congratulations from the fans, confetti on the part of Paul and Victor and the finisher ribbon in my hands to kiss her and run straight into Elisa's arms and get the embrace of pure and absolute happiness. A hug accompanied by the affection of my daughters.

Elisa, Beth, Arlet, we got it, this race is ours, we won the 2016 Horse Riding.

Thanks to Compressport for helping me fulfill my dreams. To Haglöfs for wearing me constantly. At Empower by Privylife to be by my side. To Eassun to help protect me from the sun. To Chimpanzee to give me what it takes to stay hydrated and eat well. At Epaplus to take care of my cartilages and joints. At Triplesport and Oxit to always support me. To Vèrtic to trust me from day one. In the Sala-Giol to avoid any problems with rubbing. To the #8217; Àstrid Barqué (Vitampleni) for his great food tips and especially to Marta Bacardit, for the affection I have, thanks for your monitoring and unbeatable photos.

Thanks to my family, friends and all those who have been following me #8217; one or #8217; otherwise, all of you give me great strength, thank you very much.

Congratulations to each and every finisher.

And finally, as always, thank those who give me all the energy in the world. This race is yours, yours, ours. Thank you very much Elisa, without you, Beth and the #8217; Arlet, that would not be possible.